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Rounding Down: Shy Glizzy, Kindness, And The Week’s Best FADER Premieres

Brandy on Nile Rodgers on Adult Jazz on Shabazz Palaces on Kindness on Joakim and more.

October 24, 2014

This is no time to be shy, it's FADER FORT weekend, and with that comes a lot of zesty excitement. It's a time to celebrate your favorites, en masse, and never apologize for it. This week in premieres, we went hard for our FADER faves: celebrating "a great week in grime"; feeling Kindness' sweet birthday remix for Joakim; and taking great pleasure in Shabazz Palaces remixing recent GEN F group Adult Jazz. The streets are live this weekend, so load up a playlist, get it offline, and storm your city. With love, of course.

Mr. Mitch, "Don't Leave"

"It's been a great week for grime on The FADER."—Alexander Iadarola. Read the full write up here.

Kindness, Joakim's "This Is My Life (Kindness Remix)"

"It explains a lot of idiosyncrasies, even his motivations to make the music he does. I thought it would be interesting to soften 'This is My Life' leaving almost nothing but a beat. All I really want to hear are his words."—Kindness. Read the full write up here.

That Work, "Like a Dream"

"Like A Dream" is what's really good: tumbling new wave pop with a sweet "Be aggressive!" chant that we'll be repeating ad-nauseum while facing Fort crowds this weekend. Wherever you end up tonight, request this."—Matthew Trammell. Read the full write up here.

Shabazz Palaces, Adult Jazz's "Springful (Remix)"

"One of the first things we ever heard from Leeds four-piece Adult Jazz was "Springful," a stunning, skeletal rock song that's full of tiny weird moments. That's what makes it such a good candidate for a hallucinatory remix courtesy of Shabazz Palaces; the Seattle duo take advantage of the strange sparseness, filling in the empty spaces with slightly sinister grooves."—Patrick D. McDermott. Read the full write up here.

Clarence Clarity, "Those Who Can't, Cheat"

"Who even is Clarence Clarity?"—Patrick D. McDermott.Read the full write up here.

Ben Stevenson, "Still"

"The sort of unapologetically lovesick pop that we like to bump around the office this time of year."—Patrick D. McDermott. Read the full write up here.

Ghost Loft, "Be Easy"

"Use of the phrase "be easy" peaked in 2005, according to Google Trends, but it was definitely hot in '03 and still going in '08; the country of Tunisia, in particular, is said to be a fan."—Duncan Cooper. Read the full write up here.

Shy Glizzy, "Awwsome (ft. A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz)"

"FWIW, duh, women who are also so fucking awesome can also work to this! It's a no-negativity-zone."—Naomi Zeichner. Read the full write up here.

Mystery Skulls, "Number 1 (feat. Brandy and Nile Rodgers)"

"It used to be that schools of music--one clearly influenced by Nile Rodgers (with seminal disco outfit Chic and his solo output) and another which straightforwardly descended from Daft Punk-were treated with a bit of separation. That's less true these days."—Alexander Iadarola. Read the full write up here.

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Rounding Down
Rounding Down: Shy Glizzy, Kindness, And The Week’s Best FADER Premieres