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FADER Mix: FaltyDL

FaltyDL‘s third album may have the word “hard” in the title, but it’s his most delicate and approachable yet. Its melodies and jazzy flourishes are hard to get out of your head, and when he … read more »

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Stream: FaltyDL, “She Sleeps” (Gang Gang Dance Remix)

There was a time when a Gang Gang Dance show was a murky prospect. What would happen on stage? Would it be just noise jamming for a while? Would songs be recognizable, or would the … read more »

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Alice Russell, “Heartbreaker (FaltyDL Remix)” MP3

For her new single “Heartbreaker,” British soul singer Alice Russell scored a remix from FaltyDL, the New York producer whose fancily-percussive, often 2-step-influenced sound usually garners suggestions he’s some kind of emissary of UK dance … read more »

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What We’re Reading: FaltyDL

Tired of reading the same recommended books from the usual sources? Just think of our weekly What We’re Reading column as your non-committal book club with The FADER and some of your favorite bands. For … read more »

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FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: FaltyDL

Every Saturday every summer, MoMA PS1 presents Warm Up, a event series taking place in their enormous courtyard. The museum—MoMA’s longstanding sister site in Long Island City, Queens—is a lightning rod for new and exciting … read more »

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Jams of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Megapost

In 2010, “electronic music” means many things, and for proof, look at the diversity of artists The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. It is this Saturday (see the flyer above for your basic information and lineup) … read more »

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Interview: FaltyDL

Drew Lustman grew up in New Haven a bit of band geek, learning the ins and outs of a plethora of instruments. Since his interest in electronic music blossomed, that mix of curiosity and ability … read more »

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Video: FaltyDL, “Endeavour Bridge”

If you live in New York, one of the best Subway moments is when the train goes above ground and you can look around and be like, OH YEAH I FORGOT THIS CITY IS BANANAS. … read more »

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Live: FADER 68 Issue Release Party

Dudes. DUDES. It could not have been more awesome. When we put four of our current favorite artists (with four of our current favorite records) on the cover of FADER #68, The Summer Music Issue, … read more »

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FaltyDL XLR8R Podcast MP3

New York dude FaltyDL turns in a massive mix for XLR8R, focusing more on the quiet space lazer swath of dubstep (you know what we mean). He’s also got a number of looks at unreleased … read more »

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