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iceage the lord's favorite

Has Iceage Gone Country? Watch the Boozy Video for New Song, “The Lord’s Favorite”

Lately, it kind of feels like everything’s coming up country. The newest solo material we’ve heard from Christopher Owens ditches Girls’ surfy and retro-pop sounds for something twangier. Pure X’s Heaven, one of my favorite … read more »

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Stream Two New Cover Songs by Iceage

Copenhagen’s Iceage were a quartet of teenage punks when they first started back in 2008, but man are they not 17 anymore. February’s full-length, You’re Nothing, found them veering aggressively and beautifully into post-punk territory, … read more »

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Interview: Iceage

Listening to Iceage’s music can be a very cathartic experience, but interviewing the Copenhagen four-piece is stressful. Almost notoriously so. When I showed up at the Matador offices in New York late last month to … read more »

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Video: Iceage, “Ecstasy”

Iceage’s New Brigade was a promising, hooky album from a group of Danish kids with a lot of energy. Their follow-up, You’re Nothing (out 2/19 on Matador), is much more dense and complex. Most songs … read more »

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Stream: Beach Fossils, “Generational Synthetic”

In the best moments of Beach Fossils’ 2010 debut, frontman and chief songwriter Dustin Payseur skillfully melded lyrical guitars, post-punk bass lines and deadpan vocals. The stripped-down songs were often uncomplicated, always catchy, and just … read more »

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Iceage, “Coaltion” MP3

“Coalition” is one giant, adrenaline-fueled hot mess of a first single from Iceage’s forthcoming Matador debut (which is also an Escho-co-release). The drums are pummeling so fast that they constantly trip over themselves; the guitar … read more »

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Stream: Vår, “The Boy or the Boot”

This Friday, Sacred Bones is celebrating its five-year anniversary with a party in the the Mojave Desert and a compilation full of previously unheard material from the artists on its roster. Zola Jesus, Psychic Ills, … read more »

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Stream: Marching Church, “Throughout The Borders”

Elias Bender Rønnenfelt is in Iceage, he’s also in Vår. Marching Church is his latest project, and it blends the same sort of down and out but determined monotone that those other projects nailed with … read more »

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Video: Iceage, “You’re Blessed”

The kids in Iceage keep coming back to America. They’re road dogs, basically. Playing a billion shows in houses and clubs and record stores. It’s the kind of grind a band that sounds like this … read more »

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Stream Iceage’s Album New Brigade

In a decidedly un-punk move, Danish kids Iceage are streaming their entire album on Spinner. But it’s okay—whatever gets it out into the world, right? Of course, it’s looking like Iceage doesn’t actually need help … read more »

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