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Vogue Sued Over Kanye/Kim Kardashian Behind-the-Scenes Video

Uh oh: Rickey Spicer—who filed a lawsuit against Kanye West last year for sampling his vocals from a song called “Bound” (embedded below) in “Bound 2″—has taken issue with Vogue's use of the track in … read more »

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OMG: The Kanye and Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover is Here

Vogue is truly with the times. Not only does their April issue feature a hashtag on the cover #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE, right above it, it features Kanye and Kim photographed by Annie Leibovitz. There was much debate … read more »

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Alexander McQueen Loves Cornrows

This fashion week, reality TV and Kendall Jenner took a spin on the runway at Marc Jacobs, #normcore became a national obsession, Jeremy Scott made McDonald’s fashionable for his first collection for Moschino, and Karl … read more »

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Kendall Jenner Invades Fashion Week. Is Kim Next?

As the fashion world moves on to the last round of shows in Paris and begins to process all the trends seen over a month of shows, at least one takeaway from this fashion week … read more »

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FADER’s Grammy Red Carpet Fantasy Fashion Picks

From J.Lo’s navel-grazing Versace gown to Nicki Minaj, cloaked in red, strolling in with a guy dressed like the Pope, the Grammy Awards’ Red Carpet has long been a statement-making and career-breaking moment for recording … read more »

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The Year In Music In Fashion

In 2013, music and fashion were like two people dating, who had great chemistry but understood nothing about each other. At the punk-themed MET ball, no one really “got” punk. The event was a reminder … read more »

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Live: Yeezus Preaches the Word, But Will the World Listen?

TWO NIGHTS AT THE CHURCH OF KANYE WEST IN NEW YORK Yeezy season has officially passed through NYC, leaving a frigid cold front and slew of unforgettable, Auto-Tuned speeches in its wake. I attending the … read more »

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james franco kiss seth rogen-3 (dragged)

James Franco and Seth Rogen Re-Enact Kanye and Kim’s “Bound 2″ Video

James Franco dons Kanye’s outfit and Seth Rogen takes off his shirt for this reenactment of the “Bound 2″ video, kiss and all. So many people on the planet; so many different lives being lived. … read more »

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Make Your Own Kim Kardashian “Bound 2″ Animated GIF

Topless Kim Kardashian is the unequivocal star of Kanye West’s bizarre new “Bound 2″ video—in one shot, she slides into the frame, literally stealing the scene. We thought, hell, what else might Kim pretty up? … read more »

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Video: Kanye West, “Bound 2″

Update 11/19/2013: Watch the full, uncensored and un-Ellen watermarked version of “Bound 2.” ———— Kanye West will appear on today’s episode of Ellen. Here, from the taping, is the show’s debut of Kanye’s video for … read more »

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