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“Carine Roitfeld is the Walt Disney of Tumblr” and Other Style Gems from Kanye’s GQ Cover Story

Last night GQ bestowed its Kanye West cover story upon the internet masses and it is, predictably, highly entertaining. Equal parts earnest, insane, brilliant, and hyperbolic, the Q&A is a tour down the Yeezy rabbit … read more »

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Social Anxiety: Six Creepy Pieces of Life Advice from the Kim Kardashian Game

What can an addiction to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood teach us about getting ahead in the real world? In her bi-weekly column, Social Anxiety, Emilie Friedlander peeks underneath the artifacts of contemporary culture to question what … read more »

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“I Just Wanna Be Awesome”: Eight Gems from Kanye’s Wireless Speech

A masked Kanye West performed at London’s Wireless festival last night, and in classic Ye style, took a break during a meandering rendition of “Runaway” to talk to his audience for 15 minutes about discrimination … read more »

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Kanye and Kim’s Wedding as Told through the Photo Booth

From the looks of the photo booth pictures, Kimye’s wedding seemed to live up to its hype as the #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTWEDDING with all of Kanye’s collaborator friends there to celebrate with him. In attendance was Common, … read more »

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Kanye and Kim Were Married in Givenchy

As we suspected, Givenchy dressed Kim Kardashian on her big day. Leaked photos show that the bride donned a white lace dress with a sheer paneled back that’s reminiscent of Riccardo Tisci’s fall 2010 couture … read more »


Kimye Have Officially Wed

In that blurry photo above, if you squint really hard you can see that Kimye have officially wed in Florence at Fort Belvedere. The couple decided against airing their marital extravaganza on Keeping Up With … read more »

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Lana Del Rey Serenaded Kimye at Versailles While Wearing a Gold Gown by Shareen

UPDATE 5/29/14: Despite rumors that Lana Del Rey raked in a ton of cash for her private appearance at Kim and Kanye’s pre-wedding dinner, TMZ posted a video of her denying those claims. “I would … read more »

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On Their Way to Their Wedding Rehearsal, Kanye and Kim Look Like Bianca and Mick Jagger

Pictures are starting to roll in from Kimye’s big Paris wedding weekend, and everybody on Earth is wondering what they will wear to actual wedding. If tonight’s rehearsal dinner outfits are indication, think classic and … read more »

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Kimye Will Be Serenaded By Lana Del Rey at Their Wedding

This Saturday when the wedding of all celebrity weddings is held, Lana Del Rey will reportedly provide the soundtrack. Clearly the couple weren’t phased by her initial refusal to play for them during Kanye‘s proposal … read more »

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Now Getting Married in Florence

According to to Italian newspaper, La Nazione, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had a change of heart and have uprooted their French wedding plans, initially rumored to be hosted at Versailles, in favor of … read more »

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