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Nasir Mazhar’s Muscles and Menswear

Nasir Mazhar’s style as a designer is almost as much about physique as it is about clothing—since his very first collections, he’s certainly had a type of model he prefers, and while his clothes change … read more »

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Nasir Mazhar’s Badass Babes

You don’t go to a Nasir Mazhar show expecting princess dresses and ballgowns, yet something felt even extra-irreverent about the London designer’s fall show. Like a girl gang meets Game of Thrones, models paraded in … read more »

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FADER’s Grammy Red Carpet Fantasy Fashion Picks

From J.Lo’s navel-grazing Versace gown to Nicki Minaj, cloaked in red, strolling in with a guy dressed like the Pope, the Grammy Awards’ Red Carpet has long been a statement-making and career-breaking moment for recording … read more »

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Nasir Mazhar

Nasir Mazhar’s Branded Band of Buddies

It’s pretty perfect that Nasir Mazhar had real girls from his actual posse of friends model his new spring 2014 collection, because as we learned in our feature story on the young UK designer, his … read more »

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Seven Back to School Essentials to Class Up Your Look

Back to Cool From the magazine: ISSUE 87, August/September 2013 1) Krink Markers, $8.5-$15 Created by legendary graffi ti artist KR, these punchy paint markers make tagging the desks in your math class even more … read more »

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3 London Designers Give Barbie a Makeover

Hey, if Barbie wanted a crazy makeover, there’s no better place in the world right now to get it than London, the city’s that pushing fashion in all its avant-garde directions these past couple years. … read more »

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London Men’s Collections: Nasir Mazhar’s First Runway Show

After years of showing his clothes in more intimate presentations, Nasir Mazhar’s first ever big runway show is so hot off the presses that we don’t even have photos yet, just Vines from the lucky … read more »

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Interview: Nasir Mazhar

When I first saw the J.Lo-pink terry cloth track suit in Nasir Mazhar’s debut full collection back in September, I figured it was a show piece: the kind of one-of-a-kind outfit a designer loves to … read more »


Showroom Visit: London Designers

London is the place to be right now in the fashion world—just check out how popping the reemergence of streetwear is in the UK. So it was awfully nice and quite convenient for a few … read more »

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London Streetwear: Just Brilliant

A new generation of London designers has a ball reinventing streetwear. Last June, to kick off London Fashion Week’s first-ever weekend dedicated exclusively to menswear, Prince Charles paid the honor of swinging by St. James … read more »

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