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Perfume Genius Announces New Album, Listen to First Single “Queen”

UPDATE 7/17/14: “Queen” now has a striking, SSION-directed official video that, according to the press release, follows “a kind of alternative universe Forrest Gump and Jenny, except with fluid genders and ever shifting identities.” Watch … read more »

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Video: Perfume Genius, “Dark Parts”

Sucks that too many people only use one day a year, Mother’s Day, to tell their momma how much they love them. Perfume Genius’ most recent video featured a tender, sexy encounter with humongous gay … read more »

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Second Life: Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

The sophomore slump is a classic jinx. Often, after debuting with unexpected success, musicians buckle under new pressures. We spoke with Santigold, Dustin Wong, Perfume Genius, Nite Jewel and Frankie Rose about how, after making … read more »

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The Things I Carry: Perfume Genius

We always like to know what some of our favorite artists carry in their purses (and man-purses)—the essential items that they need for touring, subway rides, an awards show or any other thing that musicians … read more »

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Interview: Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius’s new album sounds like the leaving behind of emotional immaturity, a long bittersweet sigh about finally being grownup enough to let yourself experience actual intimacy. It couldn’t have been easy to write this … read more »

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Stream: Perfume Genius’ Album Put Your Back N 2 It

A few weeks ago, we got a preview of Perfume Genius’ sophomore effort via the sad yet sensual video for “Hood.” Though his piano pop songs are still deeply personal and heartfelt, he sounds more … read more »

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Video: Perfume Genius, “Hood”

“Hood” is sad, but its video is hot—an odd combination of a turn-on and a reason to weep at once. But how could Perfume Genius be so sad when, in the video, he has daddy-porn … read more »

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Perfume Genius, “Dreeem” MP3

Back in June, when Perfume Genius released his album Learning and we posted a stream of it, we accompanied the stream with big predictions of its popularity. It was fairly popular, but now that Matador … read more »

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Hear a New Perfume Genius Song

How come everyone everywhere isn’t listening to Perfume Genius at the moment? Learning is out now on Matador. You can stream it here.

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Stream: Perfume Genius’ Album Learning

We were quite surprised to see this on Drowned in Sound—a completed Perfume Genius album that is being released next week?! Where did that come from? We’ve very much enjoyed the slightly demented boy next … read more »

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