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Stream Xiu Xiu Unclouded Sky

Stream: Xiu Xiu, “Unclouded Sky”

FADER PREMIERE Last summer, Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart and producer Shahzad Ismaily spent roughly 24 hours at the beautifully remote Icelandic studio of Sigur Rós recording covers of American and Caribbean spirituals from the … read more »

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How to Dress Well: Loss Leader

How to Dress Well turns the blues into gold. Stepping out of a minivan in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Tom Krell looks a little dazed. He’s spent most of the day behind the wheel, zigzagging back down … read more »

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Xiu Xiu, “Beauty Towne” MP3

Man, Xiu Xiu has been a thing for ten years! That’s crazy! In that decade, Jamie Stewart and whoever he might be working with at the time to make up Xiu Xiu, have tried a … read more »

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Stream: How to Dress Well, “Clowne Towne” (Xiu Xiu Cover)

We can’t say we ever expected Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart to be as influential on music as he ended up being? Tom Krell, bka How to Dress Well clearly sites Xiu Xiu as a stylistic … read more »

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Haiku Review: Fang Island, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu @ The Williamsburg Waterfront

Words and photography by Loren Wohl East River State Park Joy Division covered Chuck Schumer, what up?

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Superhumanoids’s Xiu Xiu Ringtone Remix and “Persona” MP3s

When you’ve been around for a decade, you’re allowed to do loopy things like, say, doctoring your own samples and stringing them together to make ringtones. Xiu Xiu—creator of the said tones—thinks that’s perfectly fine, … read more »

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Xiu Xiu Are Charitable

Earlier this week, I waxed nostalgic/ecstatic about how great Xiu Xiu (and their new album, Dear God, I Hate Myself) still are. Well, it’s as if the band read the post (not likely) and broadcast … read more »

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Let's All Give Thanks That Xiu Xiu Is Still Around

Back in sophomore year of high school, when I had a portable CD player and not a Zune, there were three records in constant rotation on my unwieldy, skip-prone listening device: Fugazi’s The Argument, Mission … read more »

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Xiu Xiu's Bloody Shirt, Gaga's Locks, and Other Promo Weirdness

When an album is as good as Xiu Xiu’s Dear God, I Hate Myself you don’t need a lot of incentive to shell out the dough.  Jamie Stewart might disagree however. In order to spike … read more »

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Xiu Xiu Announce New Album, Dear God, I Hate Myself

More light, uplifting fare from Jamie Stewart. read more »

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