Ghetto Palms 96: Refix Edition / Chi Ching / De Tropix / Busy Signal / Natalie Storm

April 07, 2010

Ok, I lie, it’s the two-thirds refix edition. This was originally going to be hundred-proof but one or two original flavors crept into the mix just like junkyard puppies following me home. So I decided to maintain symmetry by holding back one or two exclusive joints for a future column. I feel good about it though, because the end result is a nice cross-section of continents and styles—a healthy dose of miscegenation. You got Benin in the intro and Swappi getting Trinitech over the same cumbia sample from the Spider Web riddim. And Busy Signal’s forays into African and Brazilian etc. riddims must really be making an impact in JA, because how else to explain Chi Ching Ching shouting out Zimbabwe and Tangiers on this “Indian Flute” meets decalé beat and collaborating with a dude named after a Chilean football club? Speaking of the universal language, I believe bengeleng is ching-ese for pengeleng, which means penis.

GP96 Refix Blend
Angelique Kidjo, “Kelele”
Swappi, “ Nah Go Play” (M. Williams road mix)
Chi Ching Ching & Colo Colo, “Bengeleng”
De Tropix, “Dutch Soda” (Demo mix)
Busy Signal, “Blaze Up di Herbs” (Joelito refix)
Natalie Storm, “Look Pon Me” (Eddie STATS Ladinian refix)

Download: Ghetto Palms Refix Blend

So just to keep things straight: the Angelique Kidjo intro is not a refix but is begging for one (Giant Step, are you listening?) You can find the original version of “Nah Go Play” here or on Masalacism but I decided to take my own soca advice and track down the Road Mix for inclusion here, so that qualifies, and as mentioned, “Bengeleng” is an original version so schizophrenic it should count as a mashup.

This sublime De Tropix white label on the other hand, is a reverse refix. Astute followers of Ghetto Palms will recognize it as the same riddim that Damon “Instinct” Alexander whooped on a wicked Aidonia refix in the garrison-tech blend. Here it is pre-stored to its rightful place underneath Cherry B. I have no idea what Dutch Soda is but judging from Cherry’s feline flow it must be something like Spanish Fly.

The Busy Signal refix was actually submitted by Joelito after hearing some other refix on Ghetto Palms by hitting me up in the comments section, which is worth mentioning for two reasons: 1) people actually read this thing 2) if you send me music it might could actually get posted. Last but not least, the Natalie Storm acapella mix is my own reader-response to the “Look Pon Me” remix contest being run by Mixpak records. You can get more about that and what else goes on with Nats on Largeup, and you get more about what goes on with me by following @eddiestats on Twitter.

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Ghetto Palms 96: Refix Edition / Chi Ching / De Tropix / Busy Signal / Natalie Storm