Kehlani Signs With Atlantic Records

From the East Bay to the big leagues.

Photographer Carlos Chavarría
May 06, 2015

How that taste? It has been not quite a year since Bay area singer Kehlani's mixtape her first mixtape Cloud 19, and in that time she has formed a seemingly meaningful connection with her large-and-growing coalition of fans, toured the country with G-Eazy, and released a second mixtape, You Should Be Here, which debuted at number two in the country on the R&B charts. Her quick ascent has not gone unnoticed—and in fact, it seems that her journey has really only just begun. Just now on Instagram, Kehlani broke the news that she has teamed with Atlantic Records to build her Tsunami Mob into "an empire" and for the release of her debut album, which she says can be expected later this year. "Working with a label won't change a thing about my hustle nor will it change a thing about my music," she writes. "This is just the beginning."

Her full message:

Dear fans, friends, and family,

Thank you for how far you've gotten me with all of your support. No comments, shares, likes, or kind words go unnoticed. This has been such an intense journey for me so far. All of my blood, sweat, and tears go into my music. Me and my team have been working so hard from the ground up. That's why I'm excited to tell you that my mixtape You Should Be Here is officially the #2 R&B album in the country (after the Empire soundtrack cuz we all know how hot that 'Drip Drop' shit was!) ️

I have the #2 R&B album with a mixtape! It's you guys that got me there. It means so much to me to know that we have such a strong connection through the music, to know that the songs I have written and experiences I've had resonate with so many people. I'm happy to share that I've already started working on my next project that I hope to have out later this year. For that album, I've decided to partner with Atlantic Records for my own Tsunami Mob label. Working with a label won't change a thing about my hustle nor will it change a thing about my music. I'm grateful to be in a good place and am excited to work with a great team who support my vision for myself and my music 100%.

This is just the beginning.

Kehlani Signs With Atlantic Records