31 rappers to feel excited about right now

Some of the brightest voices in hip-hop, in no particular order.

September 11, 2018

Who: New Haven, Connecticut's own, delivering breezy flows over nostalgic, dance-friendly riddims.

Start with: "Yank Riddim," "Soft Drink"


Who: A London grime veteran experiencing a much-deserved renaissance.

Start with: "Everything Mad," "DBT (Dead Black Ting) (Remix)" f. Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr, Little Simz

Bangg 3

Who: This Columbus, Ohio duo may have a special love for Chief Keef but their style is all their own.

Start with: "Checkington," "Slide (Remix) f. Goldie"

Quay Dash

Who: New York's finest.

Start with: "Decline Him," "No Drama"

Mali NSB

Who: A drill-inspired rapper from Raleigh, North Carolina, with a penchant for dark, creeping beats.

Start with:"2 Glocks" f. Tanna Da Demon, "Migo"

Maliibu Miitch
Baby Fendi

Who: Slick, catchy come-up anthems from a young rapper you haven't heard of yet.

Start with: "Ride," "Changed On Me"

Stunna Girl

Who: The Sacramento rapper is sleek, sophisticated, and a little bit intimidating.

Start with: "On The Record," "Tap Out"

Rocky Badd

Who: The Detroit rapper has been embroiled in a bunch of beefs, but there's way more to her story.

Start with: "Talking Crazy," "Rag Doll"

Yung Baby Tate

Who: The absolute cutest, with a bubbly style that matches her personality.

Start with: "Bob," "Pretty Girl"


Who: A real coaster with a lot of promise.

Start with: "Wake It Up," "Down To Ride" w/ Cuban Doll

OMB Bloodbath

Who: A clever, tough-talking straight shooter outta Houston.

Start with: "Not So Gone," "Magnolia (Ghetto Style)"


Who: A true multihyphenate, Keisha's past as a comic and actor shines all the way through.

Start with: "Treadmill," "Believe Dat"

Sexyy Red

Who: Her Vanessa Carlton flip went viral this summer but Sexyy Red is not a joke ting.

Start with: "Free Smoke," "Ah Thousand Jugs"


Who: The masked marauder goes super hard, with precise raps and minimalist production.

Start with: "Money," "Attitude"

Posted: September 11, 2018