This Week in the FADER: April 10, 2011 Edition

April 10, 2011

** Tyler, the Creator gave James Pants the stems for “Seven” from his album Bastard and let him turn him into a devil with a thing for sonar ping and deep hand drums. James Pants is the kind of dude who has one mode, pretty much switched to geek out at all times— you can read what we wrote about him in the current issue of our magazine here.

** Rap legend Mister Cee was arrested for getting it in with a younger dude while parked on a curb in Manhattan. It's time to talk about homosexuality in hip hop. On Friday, Gucci Mane was jailed for violating his probation by pushing a woman out of a moving car. It's time to talk about life choices :(

** We got about 60 seconds of old, bittersweet raps about juice boxes, tank tops and tube socks from imprisoned Earl Sweatshirt.

** We celebrated Kurt Cobain by publishing our feature on him from FADER 21 online and posting our favorite pics from Jason Lazarus' Nirvana Project on our tumblr.

** Madrid star Pional sped up and brightened Frank Ocean's "Lovecrimes."

** Kingdom‘s extra heavy remix of Win Win‘s “Interleave” defined how to use empty space in a song to masterful effect.

** Wale and Jadakiss, but not Gunplay, joined Rick Ross on "600 Benz," a track from the forthcoming Maybach Music compilation.

** The FBI released Biggies' murder case files, but we didn't feel any closer to a resolution.

** Nicki Minaj shit on "Tragedy" Lil Kim. Her hits wouldn't be so mean if they weren't true.

** With stuttered repetitions of “Never Leave Me Lonely” from a Shai track, Brenmar made a completely not-cynical song to fall in love and make babies to.

This Week in the FADER: April 10, 2011 Edition