This Week in The FADER: July 10, 2011 Edition

July 10, 2011

** Tyler, the Creator offered a molecular breakdown of his musical influences (Neptunes, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, more Neptunes) in a sweet Summer mix. Download it now.

** Uptown wave/swag/screw fusionist ASAP Rocky paid homage to Paul Wall's "Still Tippin," putting a white girl in gold fronts in his "Purple Swag" video.

** For FADER #74, we hit up bartenders in Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York City for their best bright and boozy summer cocktails. Make them all!

** Living proof that good times are all you need to sustain a great life, DJ Harvey is cresting the wave of his legendary career into an endlessly golden sunset. Read the FADER #74 feature: Another Day, Another Disco.

** Tiny pants, goon-pink or lemon-lime shirt and a chopper made Based God’s cipher complete. Watch "Bill Bellamy."

** Drake hopped on to Future’s "Tony Montana," one of the few rap radio hits that didn't already feature or sound like Drake. But why?

** “Tragedy” is the first track on Gucci Mane’s new Writing On The Wall 2 mixtape, and Lord knows I don’t want to be in the penitentiary, but that is my reality is the first line. Don’t really believe that, have heard it before.

** Toro y Moi continues to run like hell away from the chillwave tag, remixing Cut Copy’s "Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution."

** Jhene Aiko is not a loud person or on the radio, but she's our favorite new voice this year. Read Gen F: Jhene Aiko, from FADER #74:

This Week in The FADER: July 10, 2011 Edition