Producers to Watch


Five producers who will change the sound of rap in 2012.

Location: San Antonio, TX
Age: 26
Notable beats: ASAP Rocky, “Trilla,” Shady Blaze, “Ima Get Em,” Lil B, “Cocaine”
Signature sound: Groggy anthems influenced by Houston hip-hop and weed, often lo-fi and raw but never amateur.
What to expect in the future: Collaborative album with Western Tink, further work with ASAP Rocky, a solo album with cuts by Lil B and Main Attrakionz.

Location: Toronto, ON
Age: 23
Notable beats: The Weeknd, “What You Need,” The Jealous Guys, “Genesis”
Signature sound: As he puts it, “dark, drippy, futuristic shit.”
What to expect in the future: A solo release with many uncleared samples.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Age: 27
Notable beats: Gucci Mane, “Scotty,” Soulja Boy, “Ocean Gang Splash”
Signature sound: Cinematic, warped beats with a predilection for digital samples—very strange bangers.
What to expect in the future: Work with Young L, Rocko, Young Dose, Future, 2 Chainz and artists on Young Money and Grand Hustle.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Age: 20
Notable beats: YC f. Future, “Racks,” Future, “Same Damn Time,” Roscoe Dash, “Awesome,” Juicy J, “Me”
Signature Sound: Mid-tempo trunk poppers for Auto-Tune champions.
What to expect in the future: Work with Future, Rick Ross, Plies and Roscoe Dash. A mixtape with various artists on his beats, and his own debut rap mixtape.

Location: Detroit, MI
Age: 22
Notable beats: Danny Brown, “Die Like a Rockstar,” Danny Brown, “30,” Chip$, “Ponzi Scheme,” Skywlkr, “LSD”
Signature Sound: A blunted meeting of soul horns and electro.
What to expect in the future: Tracks on Danny Brown’s album, a digital release of his 2011 instrumental cassette Blueberry Cough and projects with Das Racist’s Victor Vasquez, MondreM.A.N. and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire.

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  1. Matt says:


  2. juicyb says:

    haha those drawings are so trashy.

  3. Mike says:

    Wheres uzi?? or clams casino?? also why the fuck do they all have the same facial hair.

  4. Mike Of Doom says:

    *looks at competition*

  5. Kareem says:

    The nigga who made “Cashmere”, “Versace Rap”, and “Paisley Palm Trees” >>> these niggas.

  6. Daniel Benny says:

    Uhh, wheres the young Uzowuru, clams, spaceghost, bow.

  7. mmhm says:

    The first nigga look like a vegetarian lesbian where is Uzi at bruh…

  8. owmatt says:

    Uzi, Clam, and Jay Curry > everyone on this list.

  9. ttwww says:

    no clams, no uzi, no fucking contest. you guys are sleepin’.

  10. D Watson says:

    Seriously? I don’t see Mr. Uzowuru on here. *Closes tab

  11. Greg says:

    sorry,the fader ummm where is michael uzowuru? you know that guy who made those beats for vince you’ve been posting & domo too.he has a tape with domo coming too and a album with ommas where is that guy and the super 3 of odd future? they have songs with casey veggies,soulja boy, tyler the creator.please do whats better for hip hop by showing everyone the people who bring a whole new sound we’ve never really heard in this genre that is now full of just trap beats which are cool but when everyone does them it gets very very boring.

  12. Dr. D says:

    michael uzowuru is the truth… fuck this list.

  13. Killa says:


  14. wow says:

    mike. uzowuru.

  15. Spencer says:

    no michael uzowuru or clams casino = stupid list.

  16. Kadin says:

    For anyone who hasn’t listened to Uzi’s stuff, download Paisley Palm Trees and tell me it doesn’t instantly make you a fan. Michael Uzowuru – Paisley Palm Trees =

  17. Tree says:

    M I C H A E L U Z O W U R U

  18. peyton says:

    Download Uzi’s Paisley Palm Trees – man should be on this list.

  19. Jordan Walthour says:

    Michael Uzowuru >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this is some bullshit.

  20. LAVONTARION says:

    Michael Uzowuru got dem beats too dont overlook my boi!
    He got dat yung versatility and a funny name too.
    these guys is aiight.

  21. Drew says:

    I clicked on this link hoping & thinking i was going to see michael uzowuru’s name listed. Now im disappointed.

  22. Jay says:

    No disrespect to the other guys, BUT Michael should have been on that list. He definitely has major talent.

    Don’t sleep on him .

  23. Baker says:

    I like to think Uzi’s more happy seeing actual people comment and recognize his art is special, than if he were to be on some bullshit list.

  24. doctorahkzo says:

    Wooow the fader is fucking UP! We want uzi!

  25. Samwood says:

    Seems the foregoing comments are all from the same interst group or person continously poking crap. What is listed is what it is: good shit! Keep it up especially Zodiac Rose really good shit!

  26. 213 says:

    michael uzowuru!

  27. yo says:

    yeah, the only dude i like on this list is jeremy rose, since his shits tight. all these other niggas dont make sense to me. should just keep it jeremy rose, uzi and clams. straight up.

  28. Lamar Obudobi says:

    Uzi is nice & Zodiac is a beast too but them #TOODeep boys is killin em right now <-Check them out!