The FADER Presents: LISTMANIA 2011!


Like every year, 2011 was a great one for music. With FADER’s sixth annual Listmania, we look back at some of our favorite, strange and funny moments. Most of them have to do with Drake. See you next year!

Top 24 Sleaziest Weeknd Lyrics, Ranked in Order of Sleaziness
24. Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this
23. I know your thoughts, oh you bout it bout it
22. I can’t feel a damn thing, but Imma touch you right
21. Bring your body baby, I could bring you fame
20. I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you
19. You gotta taste it, feel it, rub it on me baby
18. Fuck me while I’m faded/ Feel that through my denims
17. Baby, I could be your best friend
16. Baby, you don’t need your best friend/ Cause I got everything you want
15. But you’re turning 23, so I’ll fuck you if you need
14. The more of you the merrier
13. Girl, bring your friends, if you want, we can share
12. Got a girl who likes girls, so won’t you play?/ She gon’ make you like girls
11. We can make a movie, we can rate it R/ I can bring the camera, baby you can be the star
10. I got two little ladies, I got one little room
9. Girlfriend screaming that I’m creeping out/ If they’re not down, better keep em out/ Ex-man hollering, keep him out
8. Rehearse lines to them and then we fuck faces
7. Don’t make me make you fall in love
6. Kryptonite in my pants, go ahead go super
5. Baby, you’re my Dairy Queen/ Watch you make my baby cream
4. Come to my appointment
3. You are my favorite one night stand
2. Can we take this to your spot? I’m on eviction number two
1. I ain’t lied to nobody but me, and you, and me, but you especially

Top Three Things Critics Said about Kanye West’s Fashion Line
3. “Next season, Kanye should get a tailor so clothes might fit.” -Cathy Horyn
2. “In short, it was dreadful.” -Robin Givhan
1. “Kanye West’s fashion debut was rap with a capital C.” -Lisa Armstrong

Top Five Tumblrs Drake is Afraid Of

Top 25 (Out of 164) People on Drake’s Take Care Thank You List, Ranked in Order of Who We Would Like to Party With Most
25. David the Jeweler
24. Gizzle
23. Chubbs
22. The Whole XO Gang
21. The guy across the parking lot that makes the steak sandwiches
20. Andre 3000
19. Stunna
18. The battle rappers at KOTD and URL
17. Erykah Badu
16. Jug
15. Sarah Cunningham
14. Flocka
13. Jamie XX
12. Lenny Kravitz
11. 8Ball
10. Soulja Boy
9. The entire Dorrington Family
8. Mom
7. Lebron James
6. Kevin Durant
5. Mavado
4. Jamie Foxx
3. 40
2. Serena Williams
1. Nicki Minaj

Top FADER TV Bloopers

Top Two Muppets of 2011
2. Muppets of The Muppets Movie
1. Rihanna in the Vita Coco ad

Top Seven Reactions Waka Flocka Had When Now Toronto Broke the News to Him That Apple Founder Steve Jobs Had Recently Passed Away
7. Damn, that’s bad news man.
6. Wait, that’s the Mac guy? He died?!!!
5. He helped a lot of people.
4. I couldn’t even thank him, he made my career.
3. Jesus Christ, Miss Info! You’re telling me everything.
2. Oh man, we’re not gonna have no more Apple computers?
1. Oh man, I gotta tweet about that.

Top Five Frank Ocean Lyrics That Sound Like Excerpts of Dialog From The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
5. You let yourself inside with no respect for privacy
4. I woulda put tints on my windows but what’s the difference
3. I can’t feel my face. What are we smoking anyway?
2. Baby, I still got one bullet left in my nine
1. The entire earth is fighting, all the world is at its end

Top Six Jamie XX Related Moments in Music
6. Drake f. Rihanna, “Take Care”
5. Radiohead, “Bloom” Remixes
4. Jamie XX Fact Mix
3. Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX, We’re New Here
2. Jamie XX, “Far Nearer/Beat For” 12-inch
1. Adele, “Rolling in the Deep” Jamie XX Remix

Top Four Hours of LCD Soundsystem’s Final Show
4. 3rd hour
3. 2nd hour
2. 4th hour
1. 1st hour

Top Three Raps About Naps
3. Some slept on me, other niggas took a nap. -ASAP Rocky, “Out of this World”
2. Real hustlers don’t sleep, we taking naps. -Juicy J, “Real Hustler’s Don’t Sleep”
1. Got racks on racks on racks, naps on naps on naps. -Wiz Khalifa, “Racks (Remix)”

Top Three Artists Schnipper Fell Asleep While Watching (No Offense)
3. Dungen
2. Active Child
1. Portishead

Countries The FADER Visited in 2011
Dominican Republic

Top Seven Runner Up New York State Cities Tyler, The Creator Considered Before Going With “Yonkers”
7. Katonah
6. Hunter
5. Kiryas Joel
4. Oneanta
3. Buffalo
2. Coxsackie
1. Jewett

Top Nine Nguzunguzu’s Remixes
9. Dubbel Dutch, “B Leave”
8. Sleep Over, “Romantic Streams”
7. LOL Boyzs, “Spirals”
6. Gang Gang Dance, “Chinese High”
5. Femme En Fourrure, “Bronco”
4. Jhene Aiko, “Stranger”
3. Ayshay, “Warn-U”
2. Rainbow Arabia, “Without You”
1. Munchi f. Mr Lexx, “Shottas”

Top Three NFL Cooking Dances

3. Aqib Talib Exuberant Interception Cooking Dance

2. Stevie Johnson Swag Out the End Zone Cooking Dance

1. Desmond Bishop Insane Sack Fist Mash Cooking Dance

Artists We Hope to Hear More From in 2012
Earl Sweatshirt
Jhene Aiko
Erika Spring
Grizzly Bear
Purity Ring
Jai Paul
Yung LA

Top Two Disdainful Names of Omar-S Releases
2. “Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance”
1. It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It

Top Two Names For 2 Chainz
2. 2 Chainz
1. Tity Boi

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  3. . says:

    This is a total fail, really.

  4. FLIP says:

    holy fucking shit I had never seen that Zola Jesus public access video and my brain just shut down

    The Asian woman is so committed to the T-Rex

  5. Marvulus says:

    “You soft as Elvin off the Cosbys” is probably the greatest thing I heard all year.

  6. Logan says:

    I’m going to have to check out this Danny Brown character; seems he really brings it.

  7. Doug says:

    Dog #6 is obviously the cutest dog in that Real Estate video. Sincerely, A dog named Doug

  8. Cam says:

    Your year end lists are always the best. Thank you for having a sense of humor.

  9. Calvin says:

    The top most pretentious and ridiculous things I’ve read this year:
    1. Fader’s Listmania
    2. Fader’s Lismania
    3. Fader’s Listmania
    4. Fader’s Listmania

  10. East Oakland Mack of The Year says:

    Ay peep….re: Soulja Boy, yall missed

    Weed Shoes (is there a better money motivating mantra than “Stacks on deck / yeah we straight / Wake Up everyday get that cake”)
    Tear It Up
    The Grind

    all those songs slap.

  11. lol says:

    “Top Nine Dudes Who Made Love to Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”

    uh… no jacques greene?

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