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Video: Snoop Lion, “Lighters Up”

In the video for “Lighters Up,” Snoop Lion heads to Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae and former home of Bob Marley. Among a string of lush scenery and bonfires, the toker-for-life joins Movado and … read more »

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El Guincho Returns With 25-Minute Mix

With a new, 25-minute mix, Pablo Díaz-Reixa bka El Guincho teases a possible 2013 album and emerges from a two-year siesta, a silence broken by only one Bjork remix. The mix is assembled from warmed-up … read more »

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Bob Marley’s Daughter Weighs In on New Documentary

There have been many attempts to make a Bob Marley movie. At one point, Martin Scorsese was brought on for the job (because of scheduling conflicts, he pulled out). But Kevin Macdonald’s documentary Marley, out … read more »


The Art History of Lil B: Influences on I’m Gay’s Cover

Though it weirdly/smartly never addresses sexuality, Lil B’s I’m Gay does position the Based God as maybe the greatest conscious rapper of our time. Look at this album cover, think about it. At first it … read more »

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Lauryn Hill’s Probably Pregnant, Performed Two Song Tribute to Bob Marley on Jimmy Fallon

Ms. Lauryn Hill hasn’t done television in several years, Last night, she broke trend to appear as the crown jewel of Jimmy Fallon’s week-long tribute to Bob Marley. Hill opted to not be backed by … read more »

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A Guided Tour through Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archives

Roger Steffens had a substantial hand in popularizing reggae in the United States as an early fan and Los Angeles radio DJ, and he’s got the goods to prove it—his six-room library is jammed with … read more »

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OK Go Owes Bob Marley Some Money

OK Go is the band less known for its songs than for creating a viral video for one of its songs. For the band’s new single, “This Too Shall Pass,” they made not one but … read more »

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J.Period & K'NAAN Present…"The Messengers"

J. Period & K’Naan have something special for you! read more »

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Jonathan Demme No Longer Directing Bob Marley Documentary

Producer be crazy. read more »


The Present Meets The Future: An Interview With K'Naan

It’s difficult for Americans to understand the political and personal strife many in the world are facing today. We witness filtered views of places like Iraq and Afghanistan through highly desensitized news reports, and still can’t imagine what life must be like in these war-torn areas. Now try to imagine a place that is more dangerous than either of these places. A country where pirates still patrol the waters, where children handle AK-47s like toys and unbridled destruction, merciless warlords and ruthless terror are a regular part of everyday life. read more »

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