This Week in The FADER: August 7, 2011 Edition

August 07, 2011

***Chris Brown embraces his bad boy image, with his with his not-too-bad Boy in Detention mixtape

***After a two-year-too-long hiatus, Air France finally released a new track.

***Right on the heels of a new Best Coast track, "How They Want Me To Be," Bethany Cosentino talked to us about personal health and being the kind of person SHE wants to be.

***Fam-Lay's “Beach Cruiser” recalls the glory days of Neptunes’ jaw droppers and mindfuckers. It’s go-go as imagined by space mutants, powered by shifting tectonic plates, dubstep wobbles and little fluttering melodies.

***On the anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s birthday, we celebrated by re-releasing our Icon Issue feature from FADER 46 on the man who defined what it meant to jam.

***For jj’s contribution to the Adult Swim Singles Program, “We Can’t Stop,” the Swedish duo essentially remixed a song snippet Ne-Yo sent them.

***Yelawolf (f. Lil Jon!) released the first single off his forthcoming Radioactive.

***High Places are back with a new album (out October 11th), and their first single makes us feel like they spent their time away traveling in some heavenly places.

***Physical Therapy's take on CFCF's "Cometrue" is a wish fulfilled for all you people sitting around at night wishing for the best music to listen to on a hot sticky summer night.

This Week in The FADER: August 7, 2011 Edition