38 FADER Stories That Will Make You Think Differently About Weed

Take a stroll down memory lane. Careful, it’s hazy.

April 26, 2015

1. When we went weed Shopping In Amsterdam with Migos and made a video out of it

2. When we asked 11 artists on a reggae cruise ship why smoking weed is great.

3. When we spent a week documenting the secret weed farms of Humboldt County.

4. When Ty Dolla $ign brought his "Cookie Jar" to the office.

5. When we figured out the recipe for weed ice cream.

6. When Chief Keef's manager really wanted some "loud."

7. When Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud brought in the whole smoker's kit.

8. When we spoke to the classically trained artist who's making some of the weirdest bongs in the game right now.

9. When Erica Weiner designed the cutest roach clip ever.

10. When Wiz Khalifa chain-rolled joints while powering through phone interviews.

11. When Ty Dolla $ign had to get his wifi fixed in the middle of a weed session.

12. The time our Style Editor interviewed Snoop Dogg and he didn't share his weed.

13. The time Tim Vocals said that weed and headphones were the sole reason why he became a singer.

14. When Danny Brown and his girlfriend shared a blunt and ordered vegetable pineapple pizza with sesame seeds on the crust and extra butter-cheese to cure their munchies.

15. When Isis Aquarian called marijuana the sacred herb, but claimed that the Source Family was truly just high off of life.

16. When Action Bronson cooked us sloppy Thanksgiving-leftover subs with a joint dangling from his ear.

17. When Minnow Bathers made the chicest pot-print bathing suit.

18. When Chief Keef became an entrepreneur and opened his own dispensary.

19. When Bodega Bamz hit a blunt laced with Angel Dust and thought he was going to die.

20. When Rihanna showed up hella late for the Berlin stop on her 777 tour wearing a custom weed-leaf tank top.

21. When Jesse Kanda revealed how Arca uses weed to unlock his alter ego, Xen.

22. When we determined the best movies and shows to watch on Netflix while you're faded.

23. When HBK Gang got weed delivered to one of their mom's houses in a Starbucks pastry bag.

24. When DJ Dahi perfectly summed up U.C. Santa Cruz students as kids who "smoked weed and lived in the trees and loved hummus."

25. When M.I.A. found spirituality through Google and weed.

26. When we tried (and failed) to find love on a weed dating app.

27. When Lil Wayne shared his early-morning wellness routine: "I wake up, smoke weed, fuck bitches, get my dick sucked—a lot."

28. When we found out that Beach House has a clock radio that's actually a flask with a weed compartment.

29. When we kicked it with Future at the Dungeon Family's infamous dungeon and there was more weed than air in the room.

30. When we asked Alex Bleeker, Lil Durk, and five other artists how and why they quit smoking for good.

31. When ScHoolboy Q emptied his pockets and revealed a ziplock bag of weed, stray starbucks napkins, and a single, lonely sunflower seed.

32. When Waka Flocka Flame told us what it actually takes to be his official blunt roller.

33. When we fell in love with this smoked-out Homer Simpson T-shirt by African Apparel.

34. That time Young Thug and Bloody Jay created "Black Portland," a mythical place for creative stoners in Atlanta.

35. When we celebrated 4/20/09 with Trash Talk.

36. When Mac Demarco told us that he goes to the old Jamaican weed spot in Montreal just to buy rotis, not weed.

37. When seven cool women told us what it means to be a lady stoner.

38. When we captured the laid-back magic of Pure X's Austin in a single line: "Rent is cheap, weed is limitless and the circle of friends is so large."

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38 FADER Stories That Will Make You Think Differently About Weed