The FADER’s Guide To Saving Your Summer

Learn how to pop a wheelie, hump in the heat, swim with sharks, and more!

Illustration Hisashi Okawa
July 28, 2017

The end of summer is near. If you’re not having the best season of your life, time is running out to fix it. It’s almost August. This might be your last chance.


Fortunately, we’ve got 20 surefire ideas about how to…

Make the perfect summer cocktail
Hump in the heat
Grow an urban paradise
Not fuck up your first tattoo
Make a DIY air conditioner
Not destroy your phone
Let summer love find you
Soothe your sunburn
Make a nourishing face mask
Swim with sharks
Cool off with food
Spend all your time at the beach
Travel alone
Deal with conservative parents
Grow out your armpit hair
Show respect at music festivals
Party with roots and herbs
Wear comfy shoes
Not worry about your hair
Do a wheelie

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The FADER’s Guide To Saving Your Summer