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Daily Inspiration: DJ Rashad’s Legacy of Love

The first time I heard Chicago footwork, via Planet Mu’s 2010 compilation, Bangs & Works, my brain took a minute to catch up to my ears. It was a thrill to feel so confounded. I … read more »

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R.I.P. Footwork Pioneer DJ Rashad

Update: (5/1): DJ Rashad’s label Hyperdub has told UK newspaper The Guardian that the footwork producer “died as a result of complications arising from a blood clot in his leg.” Apparently Rashad had complained of … read more »

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Stream DJ Rashad’s We On 1 EP

Chicago footwork fixture DJ Rashad’s new EP We On 1 marks the inaugural release for Southern Belle Recordings, a label started by Houston producer Wheez-ie. It runs four tracks or just shy of fifteen-minutes; and … read more »

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future honest dj rashad remix FEAT

Stream: Future, “Honest (DJ Rashad Remix)”

It is impossible to listen to Future’s “Honest” too many times (#honest), but if you are looking to mix it up a little, you’ve already got some good options: August Alsina’s beautiful cover, for one; … read more »

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DJ Rashad, “Can’t Hold Me Back” MP3

DJ Rashad has a new EP in the works for March 19, and it’s coming out on British electronic imprint Hyperdub, which is a pretty good sign that footwork is finally starting to get the … read more »

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Rashad+Spinn_Landerphoto.net_RBMA Sonar

Stream: DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn Live at Sonar

Chicago tag team DJs Spinn and Rashad hit Red Bull Music Academy at Sonar in Barcelona yesterday. Footwork in the Spanish sun sounds like a pretty decent day. Take a listen to the duo’s hour-long … read more »

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Stream: DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn’s We Trippy Mane Vol. 1 Mix

DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, two excellent producers and DJs, team on the high BPM and no-holds-barred 45 minute drum collage they are calling the We Trippy Mane Vol. 1 mix. If you let this … read more »

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Chicago Juke Legends Storm New York, Give Away New Tracks

If you were at the Cove on Thursday night, you’re probably still picking up pieces of your brain and trying arrange them back into the way they were on Wednesday. If you weren’t, and you … read more »

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bangs and works a chicago footwork compilation vol 1

Stream: Bangs and Works Vol. 1, A Chicago Footwork Compilation

In the past year, Planet Mu has worked hard to bring to the real world—not just the expansive world of YouTube—the Chicago sound of footwork with albums by DJ Roc, DJ Rashad and DJ Nate. … read more »

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becoming real

Jamie Woon, “Night Air (Becoming Real Remix)” MP3

“Night Air” was already pretty dreary (see Ramadanman’s twice-as-long take here). So picture our Wednesday asses before we clicked play: last time we wrote about Jamie Woon we likened his voice to fog, last time … read more »

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