The FADER Issue 60 Audio: We Have Band, Girls, Nicki Minaj, Assassin, Sholi, Death, Nite Jewel, The Juan Maclean, DJ Tim Dolla, Beirut, Bat for Lashes

  • We Have Band
    “Oh!” (DIY Version)
  • Girls
    “Lust for Life”
  • Nicki Minaj
    “Beam Me Up Scotty”
  • Assassin
    “Almighty Protect”
  • Sholi
    “All That We Can See”
  • Death
    “Politicians in my Eyes”
  • Nite Jewel
    “Weak for Me”
  • The Juan Maclean
    “One Day”
  • DJ Tim Dolla
    “Number Advisory”
  • Beirut
    “La Llorna”
  • Bat for Lashes
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